September 12, 2011



Sept 17- Oct 29, 2011

The Unseen: curated by Adela Leibowitz (New York)
Torrance Museum of Art
Documenting esoteric symbols in contemporary art.

Includes painting, installation, video, photography and drawing.
Noah Becker,
Michelle Blade, Jonathan Cammisa and Nathan Caswell, Walt Cassidy, Center for Tactical Magic, Martha Colburn, VALIE EXPORT, Francesca Gabbiani, Sayre Gomez, Frank Haines, Michelle Handelman, Emily Noelle Lambert, Adela Leibowitz, Kirt Markle, Josh Peters, Kembra Pfahler & Katrina del Mar, Shalo P, Breyer P-Orridge, Yuval Pudik, David Ratcliff, Carolyn Salas, Kristen Schiele, Harry Smith.
All control ultimately relies upon manipulation of behavior. In culture, the cut-up is still a modification of, or an alternate, language. It can reveal, describe and measure control. It can do damage but that is not enough. 

Magick as a method is a cut-up process that goes further than description. It is infused with emotion, intuition, instinct and impulse, and includes emotions and feelings. It operates actually within the same medium, “behavior,” as control. 
It is therefore essential as a system to challenge, emasculate and render impotent the source of control itself.
Control disintegrates. Magick integrates.

The idea is to apply the cut-up principle to behavior.
The method is a contemporary, non-mystical interpretation of “magick.”
Thee aim is reclamation of self-determination, conscious and unconscious, to the Individual.
Thee result is to neutralize and challenge the essence of social control. 

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, London, 1987
Excerpt from Thee Psychick Bible

June 1, 2011

The Final Girl Exhibition + Video Store @ Coup d'Espace

Organized by Adam Dwight and presented by the Washington Project for the Arts June 3 - 24, 2011 Opening Reception: June 3rd

THE FINAL GIRL is an exhibition meditating on the conventions of the horror and psychedelic film within the context of a video store installation. The show includes an exhibition of works in various mediums, a video viewing lounge, and a video store where visitors can rent DVD compilations and standalone DVDs of various artists' video works surrounding the show's premise. The Final Girl explores themes of feminism in the electronic visual age, exploiting cinematic conventions of the horror genre, which is notoriously known for its ambiguous treatment of the female narrative center. Instead of focusing on horror and psychedelia as tools for populist consensus and social anxiety, the exhibition will raise questions about these genres' grotesque and celebratory treatment of the female body.
Exhibition + Video Rental Store featuring works by: Mark Behme · Christopher Fuentez · Ryan Hill · Victoria F. Gaitán · Felipe Goncalves · Linda Hesh · James Huckenpahler · Mike Johnson · Peter Killeen · Marissa Long · Rob Parrish · Bonner Sale · Shalo P · Adrien Varallyay · Zac Willis · Andrew Wodzianski · Luke Wyatt
Video Lounge featuring works by: Stephen Ausherman · Jeremy Beaudry · Brett Bergmann · Christopher Cassidy · Terry Berlier + Luciano Chessa · Christine Chin, Andrew Berry, Maria Elena Brodeur, Sarah Watkins · Mary Helena Clark · Adam Cruces · John Davis · Clint Enns · McLean Fahnestock · Giada Ghiringhelli · Sabine Gruffat · Henry Gwiazda · Mary Hill · Thom Heileson Hunt · Gautam Kansara · Selina Loper · Jeannette Louie · Lilianne Milgrom · Sean Niesen · Aaron Oldenburg · Leah Peterson · Ian Alexander Scott · Julia Kim Smith · Dmitry Strakovsky · Claudia X. Valdes · Roland Wegererd

May 19, 2011

Krowswork Gallery & ArtPadSF

l'll be participating in ArtPadSF with the wonderful Krowswork Gallery.
Room 22 awaits you with some fine installations by Karen Seneferu and RKDB, and video and photography by Mark Baugh-Sasaki, Katja Mater, William Eggleston, Sarah Filley, Shalo P, Ursula Brookbank, Peter Dobey, Ron Saunders, and Ryan Smith.
You can download a free pass for Friday-Sunday at
I was just informed that this pass isn't good for Thursday night (tonight) opening. : (
It's all happening at the Phoenix Hotel, 601 Eddy Street at Larkin, San Francisco

May 2, 2011

Little Paper Planes

I'm on the Little Paper Planes online store with some zines. They looks like eyes like this, huh?

mutant contest

Trineo Ediions has a contest for the last three copies of their limited edition mutant zine. 
The first three who answer the question correctly receive a free copy. 
It's rad, rare and gross.

Check it out here

Good luck!

April 20, 2011


 THE END OF FAILURE opens in Brooklyn's LOUIS V E.S.P on April 29th. thank you gentle curator Katrina Lamb. : ) 
there will be painful moments where someone will share something they shouldn't have.
Ross Moreno
Michelle O’ Brien
Christian Oitinnen and Kellie McCool
Shalo P
Anna Pratt
Jeff Ray
Chris Sollars
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Ryan Wilsie
Anne Yalon
Michael Zheng

April 19, 2011


here's some more information concerning the upcoming MUTANT NIGHT 2011 presented by MUTANT BOOKS.
download the full program here and browse their website's diverse selection of artist books and publishers. 
it's fun stuff.


April 18, 2011

new zine - WILDERNESS - out now

my new zine WILDERNESS debuted at Dfest in Barcelona a few days ago. it's a special one - printed by Trinéo Editions
if you're in Madrid check out the good folks of Mutant Books for "Mutant Night". 
Trineo Editions will be on hand with my zine and an all-new as-yet unreleased omnibus of awesome creepy drawings from their cast of collaborators. 
It looks like a marvelous night of mutant freak out literature.

hell prevails,

shalo p

January 10, 2011


i have a new show at a magic house: POP UP.
there is a periscope in the bathroom.
the stairs are made with bundles of colorful pencils.
it's a dreamy place. we'll be taking up the cellar and have milkmen give tours.
there will be a lot of music. there's an antique bowling arcade game.
it will be held at this rad place on January 28th. there may be an expanded version of FFF for this occasion.
there's also an article on BOLD ITALIC.

hell prevails,