April 4, 2015




The three rooms were filled with this year's marvelous 2015 residencies (of which we haunt the misty month of October with V A L L E Y) offering up a taste of what's to come.  It is simply a pleasure to sink into a place of this level, with its evolving ethos and personal mythology ascending to complement the determination of its wild art intentions. Also visible is the work of the amazing artist Torsten Zenas Burns (video projections on the right, second and fifth images down), whose forthcoming collaboration with video / installation artist Darrin Martin is set to sizzle poor ole' August.

KROWSWORKunlike standard galleries, which usually run in stodgy clockwork, isn't locked in step to the template bestowed unto us by "the industry".This venue does not run on perennial fear, nor marketable imitations of the run of the mill, but on imagination and visionary insight.

Saturdays 1-5 & First Friday 5-9
 otherwise by appointment

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Duane Deterville, whose fascinating "Afriscape Cartography: Sight, Sound, Space and Ritual" left me in enlightened awe. It also granted a few sharp knots to my gut in viewing the meticulously detailed depictions of slaves bound in preparation for The Middle Passage, inserted into mysterious drawings depicting symbols of The New World Order.