September 12, 2011



Sept 17- Oct 29, 2011

The Unseen: curated by Adela Leibowitz (New York)
Torrance Museum of Art
Documenting esoteric symbols in contemporary art.

Includes painting, installation, video, photography and drawing.
Noah Becker,
Michelle Blade, Jonathan Cammisa and Nathan Caswell, Walt Cassidy, Center for Tactical Magic, Martha Colburn, VALIE EXPORT, Francesca Gabbiani, Sayre Gomez, Frank Haines, Michelle Handelman, Emily Noelle Lambert, Adela Leibowitz, Kirt Markle, Josh Peters, Kembra Pfahler & Katrina del Mar, Shalo P, Breyer P-Orridge, Yuval Pudik, David Ratcliff, Carolyn Salas, Kristen Schiele, Harry Smith.
All control ultimately relies upon manipulation of behavior. In culture, the cut-up is still a modification of, or an alternate, language. It can reveal, describe and measure control. It can do damage but that is not enough. 

Magick as a method is a cut-up process that goes further than description. It is infused with emotion, intuition, instinct and impulse, and includes emotions and feelings. It operates actually within the same medium, “behavior,” as control. 
It is therefore essential as a system to challenge, emasculate and render impotent the source of control itself.
Control disintegrates. Magick integrates.

The idea is to apply the cut-up principle to behavior.
The method is a contemporary, non-mystical interpretation of “magick.”
Thee aim is reclamation of self-determination, conscious and unconscious, to the Individual.
Thee result is to neutralize and challenge the essence of social control. 

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, London, 1987
Excerpt from Thee Psychick Bible