November 8, 2017


The forest goes on forever.

Forgiving is hard. Accepting is really hard. Being kind is hard to do.
Coming back in an instant like an oiled steel scorpion is important too.
All fools are foes, ya know, and every book's a love letter.
Bring down heaven's hammer with higher goals set in pious poetry, delicious kicks, and a feral use of logic and jostling reality itself - if that ain't a blessed falcon punch of creativity then you can revoke my Birdwatcher's license. 
The Hard Stuff is worth doing.
The Pleasant Stuff is pure sport. Be true to your school though - to them that don't harm, to them that love fierce and true blue.
On the horizon is another horizon.
Here, there by Tygers.

We've come back to kiss quiet country.
America is hitting one if its all time lows.
"The Shadows are here to dance, jack. The Shadows are here to stay." hissed the cackling checkered devil during the RNC.

We love you America, oh stinking in the unholy mires 
of ole's scratch hisself - that snake.
Happy Holidays. Keep coiled and yuh nuh, solidarity between freaky dreamers and visionary wanderers - like on the streets of Compton, San Diego, Honolulu or Milwaukee. Thank you, wonderful assortment of minds. Our exam in moral truth has been afoot since the time that time stopped forgetting. Are we somehow collectively inhabiting an archived reliquary of our times, trapped in misstressed media amber? I'm not sure.
But I hope you kiss whoever your sweet heart is. 

From thhheeee deeeeessss...
San Francisco, California