February 18, 2016



THE BEDROOM SUITE opens today (yesterday) with an artist talk by the "beast of golden graces"
Masami Teraoka (with his concurrent exhibition HERE in the main gallery)
& the "good ole' prince of passion's prison"
Shalo P (exhibiting in the misty media room).
We here at the workshop are rooting for an all-out onslaught of fun challenging work with complex themes of seething agony, sweaty power, and impure divinity amidst lurid commentaries from the gale-force dark expanses of their respective muted glories.
If you don't go to this show then you're probably hurting yourself and others, and probably should be
mentally committed.
Come on, let's face the facts here "cold and long".
We'll meet up at the Shalo P show and talk about this sickness before it eats you right up.
If you arrive a few inches shorter :
When did it start? Why do you ache? Are you lost?

From the Desk of Shalo P :
I only "get lost" when Chet Baker tells me to.

Look motherfucker, I'll never hold anything against you. I'm really prone to adoring crazies.
I can make a commitment!

From the Desk of Shalo P :
I'd rather be an artist than a werewolf, no matter what the moon says.

I heard from the boss that there's gonna be some cake (with an image printed in colored creams depicting a sultry saint "blessing" an ornery octopus coiling its quivers on its top - image below).

I got to see a small set of Masami's marvelous gold-leafed paintings hanging on a wall near an arch, each about the size of teenage fists - delicately painted in confidently minimal brushstrokes with raw delicious colors of weathered age - depicting the awesome misery of torture and religious prostration in stark prestige, all pimped out with gold leaf wooden frames kindly stabbing upward, tiny triptychs like a squadron of golden birds nailed to the wall. Ravishing.
Masami Teraoka sounds like the only cool person I don't want to kill tonight.
Matter of fact he sounds SUPERCOOL. CHECK HIM OUT DOOD.

NEWSFLASH - the show goes on until Feb 20, 2016, infesting the media gallery, all big with pristine sound and imaginary popcorn for the homies, a fine ambience for the clattering shattering chains of hell's cinema catastrophe onscreen. It'll be way fun.
When will you go? Date: TBD

Well, Shalo may always be all "Hell Prevails" and shit, but I just say real Art smells
like ghost popcorn and MERCILESS TRUTH!

From the Desk of Shalo P :
Hmm. It seems I trampled on Dodo's sign off...
I just needed to thank the good graces of Anna, Alex, Katherine, Alex, Catharine, and Allison.
By the way, here in the office the creature dubbed "Marks" is commonly known as "DODO".
(although I'm pretty sure that won't necessarily last forever.)
BUT JEEZ, come to think of it, we've also had a BB, a Jac Jac, a Shan Shan, a Beck Beck, a Cece, a Sissy, and a Lazy Susan!
I'm serious. How did this fucking happen? Am I retarded or something? 
(Last night there's this creature dripping tar, playing gamelan in my living room and now I'm stuck in this damn office looking for the door outside. I'm rapping them  walls for hollows at this point.
Don't panic. It'll pop up.)


Dordery ("Dodo") Marks
San Francisco, CA

A finely written pdf is available HERE
Hijinks, Hooliganism, and Hell by Jonathan Curiel (the review)

above images: the opening, video still from The Bedroom Suite, and dinner later on, featuring:
Catharine Clark, Masami Teraoka & Shalo P (current whereabouts unknown)

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