December 22, 2010


TAFFY HIPS NUMBER 8 is out right now. They are ending the physical series with a bang. Click here to order a copy. The edition consists of only one hundred copies and will likely be running out soon. I am happy to be a part of it. I discovered Taffy Hips on my first visit to FAMILY earlier this year.

November 19, 2010


Alexander Binder and Shalo P

"KROWSWORK is pleased to present RAVEN RAINBOW, featuring the work of two mythmakers of the modern age. Come bear witness to the psych-idyllic world of the occult presented through the handmade lenses of German artist and Black Forest dweller Alexander Binder and the dynamic digital realm of San Francisco-based audio/visual artist Shalo P, whose videos orchestrate both popular and archaic iconography into a raw emotional experience that begins with destruction and ends in rebirth. The works of these two artists provide prisms by which to deflect and defeat the force of assumed and adopted histories and the oppressive weight of our shared media/mediums, generating rainbows out of the shadow selves that lurk in our collective mediated consciousness..."
More info here

You are invited.