February 17, 2019

YO GIRL (that means all of you)


Still loving ya honey. DEEP AS DIRE FUCK.
VIBING. Don't lose faith in the bad ass.
Them sad sack requiems to awesome: trash that. Shine hard.
Love thy fellow fellows and follow no leader to squabbling steaming dung heap.
Watch, read, and expand. Take walks. Make friends.
Walk in the dark. LOVELY.



(We had a new group show and book released with others in goldern SASKATOON, along with new prints for sale at PRO ARTS GALLERY. BB also debuted a new VIDEO PIECE at FLEET WOOD GALLERY. Our outfit has been offline and low key, doing festivals and screenings while being bastards at not updating on the INNERWEB. Forgive us and Love us unconditionally, please. We're the shy type. We'll be releasing the fab, but hard work's the order of the day before the flood of enchantment is well on its way. If you do need to CONTACT US, well then please do [scroll down]. We'll be doing a subscription something or other soon, so keep reading and keep sharing our distinctly phantasmagorical triumphs in conceptual art.
UH, ya know, [whispered] hell prevails.)