February 13, 2016



Spring came intermittent, flanked by cold daze, swooping into the studio like a gaggle of epileptic flashers. The curtains flutter, slashed red by kind news. Although Petey says it's totally more ellipses than a bobsled, even the shadows seem to smile. Well, the boss paid the player, so it's ultimately his sad ballad to cringe beside (GASP).


We've been getting some fun faxes from that fox, the boss. More on that later.
BB is bringing in fun material, earning second place in "troubling us", with Dodo slouching in the gutters behind a liquor store, passing out cigarettes along with trembling excuses on tardy deadlines.
More correspondence from that bunch soon.

NEWS / FEB 2016

We have the sweet 18th for an RSVP Event with THE BEDROOM SUITE at Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco. Here's a link with info concerning the NEW EDITION available now.

We also have a fine bit of news with inclusion in :

Shalo P supplied ten seething pages of thoughtfully cerebral wild. This looks like a very fun book. Please pay these kind independent crazies a visit and taste the sumptuous indiscriminate madness in which they partake.Warmest thanks to Jared Pittack.

more info:
Allied Forces Annual Issue No. 1 is a collaborative publication of visual stimulation, cultural advancements, and literary supplements. ALFA No. 1 features works by Jeffrey Cheung, Yardsale, Jin Young Choi, Derrick Oldman, Ann Le, Muzae Sesay, Joseph Shane, Ken Lorenzo, Shalo P, Lester Del Ray, Charlie Crush, J.L. Coffinwasher, Todd Jr., Erik Zepka, Kenny Meyers, Smet V, Maudry Vallens, Edward Zipco, Santos F Parcs, noa-, Kati Ledar, Ed Fuzuka, Christian Riechert, Jared Pittack, and much more.
Books are available in random stamped and screen-printed editions with cover art by Muzae Sesay.


There's a screening soon. Please check out Catharine Clark's Instagram for information regarding reserving a seat. Hmm. I'm still just on good ole' FLICKR and that thing is still FUN.

We'll be Screening FURNACE (video still, above) along with The Bedroom Suite.
FURNACE takes The Bedroom Suite's immersed narrative of a digital afterworld facing "mystic energies groovily attaining (and surpassing) critical mass" into a more ethereal zone of cosmic sensual cinematic delight, with a mystery journey into its jingle-jangle springing inner-workings, with themes riding fully in the flames of the movie itself.

I went to a psychic and she said "My shows are out of bounds of internet time."
And I said, "Do you mean your show right here, or mine up now?"
She then rejected every offer to dress up like Elvira or wear a red tux. Please see: THIS BRUTAL WORLD.


Hot hash heat studio - BROILER ZONE,
the appendixes to a single heat-lamp blaring on a bare bonnet. 
Some say hot as hell as I recall,
I say a BEAUTIFUL HEAT! A fucking brilliant one, DAMMIT!
(if I faint I'll feign it was due to enthusiasm)
A knock on the door: it's the famed Johnny Woo and his associate, a silent hovering Sphinx they call circumstance (it's a cut that has him standing that way). BB travelled here to remain propped in bed with the phone cord wrapped around her neck (NICE), balanced like a plank while diddling with the pay pal piper with all ten fingers.
"Pay-up punk", sez SHE. No word yet from yonder giant anthropomorphic insect looming close…

Piper Lady: Your Birthday, Shalo Ma'm…What is your Birthday? 
*long silence, centuries mayhaps*
BB: MMmmmarch…I must confess, haven't the foggiest, really. 
PL: You do not know your birthday, sir? 
BB: I am Jehovah Whiteness. Christ could not afford me a Birthday! 

Still, the piper pays out…two pieces of secret info (Birthday being one, checking account being number other)
and the $10.85 is left for ten fingers to grip later.

AND THAT WAS BB's report on company finances.

We'll open the BEATIFUL HEAT bookstore soon.
There's also some fine music in the works.

Hell Prevails,



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