December 20, 2014


from the desk of Shalo P :

people say that i'm a workaholic because i'm always working on my tan, 
but cancer doesn't just come all by itself, you know.

November 21, 2014


from the desk of Shalo P :

in my past life i died in high school (from depression) and was reborn the next day as goddamn you sombitches

November 13, 2014


from the desk of SHALO P

thereafter i'll just be walking around like the devil's jesus.
if you have a spare tmobile cellphone hit me up (or else!).
if you wanna contact me let's hook up that psychic link shit.
i'm so down.
you can write me messages around the city and i'll look for them, like a little note rolled into a bird's nest in a tree near the Bayview docks.
i will try sign language. i'm a walking / talking contradiction because i can sign language with my feet.
seriously though, no one's gonna bring my phone back to life and i gotta move on and get another one, just until my mad tremulous magnetic field makes its insignificant life fizzle out from proximitively panic-induced death terrors.
oh yeah, capitalization is for SUCKERS.
ya see what i did there?
are all my question marks not capitalized???
ok that's enough.
this was a special little message just for you.

have a happy dream friday




I'm super stoked over this.
These two cats are pals of mine.
I consider them to be a part of the real bedrock of today's underground / independent comix scene, 
where it seems that some deep thought is really invigorating the artform. Here we touch upon the the fine tradition of going bug fuck on a rusty cycle across the desert with chainsaw loudly running in one arm. 
I can't wait to see what they have to offer.

Support COMIX, it's a thinker's medium. Support WEIRD.

by rad publisher (DRIPPY BONE BOOKS) and maniac artist (GALACTIC BREAKDOWN) Keenan Marshall Keller 
and rad publisher (I WILL DESTROY YOU) and zaniac artist (HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER) Tom Neely.

September 16, 2014


"WELCOME to a night of fright and profound fun from the crypt of history and lavish pool of the fiendishly obscure, presenting a catalog of passions and obsessions, contemporary marvels now alive and walking this earth...
Awesome Stuff is self-explanatory and energetically presented, with none to blame but a host whose wild tastes preclude a knack for surprises and left-field devices.
The audience is cordially invited to sift, reflect, and sit agape to an intimate fireside chat on a prized subject, where as the lights get bright, and darkness deepens, and only AWESOME STUFF (nothing else) shines through.

AWESOME STUFF is a presentation -

Choice cut from the archive, a treasure trove of stimuli -
a fireside chat presented by Shalo P
(some flicker, whole lotta melt)

in praise of wild breezes.
Take notes (we'll have our own available) -

VIDEO PILL - a summary of Awesome Stuff - TAKE IT DOOD.

Elusive and rare beauties -
like dating the perfect set of conjoined twins.
A one night workshop, lecturous talk, with an audio-visual army in the wings.

(nothing else)

Presented by SHALO P
Thursday, September 18th
8:00pm - 10:00pm
184 10th Street
Oakland, CA

****This is part of a workshop series involving artists who will be showing work during the group show EPHEMERAL VESSELS:

Shalo P is a San Francisco audio / visual artist interested in raw emotion. His works span media as diverse as drawing, video, installation, sound performance, comix, and curatorial practices. Generally taking the form of vibrantly rousing celebrations of the moment, his videos play elaborate games through repetition, use of symbols and a highly thought-out approach toward the structure of video as both an extension of cinema and other visual languages, offering up dense layers of sight and sound within a conceptual framework riddled with personal motifs, and born out of universal themes of hatred, love, longing and sorrow.

August 16, 2014


From the Desk of SHALO P :

oh a rare summer day in San Francisco playfully fraught with naught "un-bare-able" 'neath sun, 

'tis a boon indeed for precocious peepers famished for fleshy thigh and spring-heeled warmths.

oh yeah PLUS - this

July 30, 2014

Dan Melchior und Das Menace - HUNGER

with artwork by Shalo P & layout by Matt Jones

now available from 

“So please dig in with open ears and hearts. 
Let Dan melt your brains as he has ours at Castle Face.” — John Dwyer

ALSO, please take to moment to check out the
Please Help Letha Rodman Melchior Conquer Cancer! fundraising site, which desperately needs donations in order to aide with medical costs to help Letha Rodman Melchior, diagnosed with stage IV melanoma since 2010.

do yourself a favor by checking out Matt Jones' new sound project - MALE GAZE

with love,
Shalo P

July 29, 2014


As the VALLEY works come together
there will also be announcements pertaining to
(currently in a state of re-mastering). 

It will be out next year, hopefully in time for its ten-year anniversary. I'm still collecting all available versions, many that have never been published on the internet. We plan to go on tour soon, and appreciate any support we can get from comrades in fabulous flash. 
We're looking for spaces interested in our Cinema languish.

I'll be announcing some new fun shows, new performances.
There's something real fun happening in Oakland California's Chinatown on Friday, September 26th (shh).
The sound project will be getting a soundcloud account too.
More VALLEY imagery and sound forthcoming.




An old colleague of mine and I were having a little chat.
After a few provocative queries on the subject of casual sex in The Matrix (What really happens when one is impregnated on a one night stand? How are the bodies managed in this situation?), we encountered the great enemy: How does one slip out from beneath the burden of  character development in scenarios where the characters present their profound disconnect / connection by not communicating to one another. Now, bend your mind around this one. Can sheer rhythmic gesture undulating in sets of two - placed amongst various peppering of recursive symbology - on the spread page and picture place (WHILE then radically nestled within pop whiz bang visual interfaces of flurrious sophistication) be laid finely enough with tempered precision to then not set itself to initiate a nobler dance of more solemn strut? 
Is narrative not a dance the vivid imagination keeps pace with, with rifle and bullwhip? 
The volume of themes placed in the comic book format are visually guided thought processes that rework their devastating silence for those that read deep. The palette is time spread on surfaces. The panel is the simplest puzzle - negotiator, the plateaus of spaces carefully presided over by an author of dimensions.
The notion of genre is a joke - it's the suggestion of blurred illusion.
The mind moves, it must move to mean.
Like the picture plane of a video screen.
It's all river.

Der Germans is a fine example of a character cut from this cloth. The recurring theme seems to be echo, and monologue within split bodies, with the action occurring as reflection, solemn contemplation. 
"They" are a unit, enrapt witness, a chorus.
I hope to play with them more as characters. They have an animus / anima vibe, for sure, but also connote the mirror of the mind rapt in concave derangement - all at some twilight place somewhere or other - like a mirror in the dark - a point in space, mathematically. Its view of the universe is eclipsed by the perpetually mitigated confines of its introspection. The mirror is the thing with you blocking the horizon.

There are many truths in that the witness is changed by what is seen. I saw me Mum washing her arse once, and it made me turn into a seashell for a weekend. It was quite dreadful, actually, because I was then collected later that morning by a kindly red dye-job security guard on holiday, and then taken to her house to be washed, cleaned, and glued to a bit of jewelry in the sewing room - all before I reverted to my natural form, and had the unpleasantness of flinging myself out her window in order to get to school on time.
My Mum never forgave me, and wouldn't let me watch her wash up anymore.
And now I think I'll never learn.
I'll keep paying the cat woman until this is all settled.

I asked this guy on the Bart to give me his life story. And that was what made up the greater part of the previous paragraph.

(and now, the obligatory "from the desk of Shalo P" moment)
I went on, but couldn't find someone to light my cigarette.

Thank You for reading our Evening Bulletin,


(the above spread is from COSMIC BUMMER FUNNIES - ssspirittt of ecstasy edition)

July 24, 2014



from the desk of Shalo P:

I pray that it isn't improper to confess that this illustrates
a recurring theme that boredom upsets. 

I picture a board and a bang on the back of my head.
Like that night the lightning struck me...

I naturally burst into colors. 

This awful Tex Avery wolf that what smote our author just gives
a big soppy chuckle.

This is from the newly remastered LOVE IS SUCH A DANGEROUS GAME - the centerfold.
Homero Hidalgo makes a charming cameo, so do various tribulations that badger
our "athletes of God".
It comes stretched by the stench of that Valinor beach of Silver and Glass - VALLEY
in the street across vast ugly highways where the beekeepers let lovers make honey as long as the bees provide -OH OH OH



"your humble servant"

July 8, 2014


The COLOSSAL COSMIC VOID will make an appearance in the new VALLEY book.
SISTER SPREAD, here envisioned as a kindred spirit to the SPIRIT OF ECSTASY (patron saint to our efforts in the literary field, as much as COLOSSAL COSMIC VOID remains prideful chaplain to our endeavours in cinema with TELEVISION FOR GHOSTS - which is currently being treated to a re-mastering, if that were even applicable unto the master-less sort).

As an anthology bound by concepts pertaining to burning obsession and - heh - comedy, its trajectory is set for a release later this year, coinciding with a full exhibition that will flesh out further (or would disembowel be more appropriate?) all the main concepts nestled within VALLEY

We are also working on two soundtracks (WILDERNESS & WOMB) for the event, along with the full cinematic premiere of TELEVISION FOR GHOSTS - THE SPY / THE SECRET GROUP which falls into the shadow of our VALLEY by grace of being produced during our VALLEY period (from now until it all dies at the exhibition, and our VALLEY shuts like it never existed).

From the Desk of SHALO P :
It will be quite splendid for me, because I'm a bit of sadist, and frankly enjoy watching people cry.
For you, it'll be pure hell, and I can't wait to watch your lovely face twitch.
Apologies and Sincerest Thanks!
Hell Prevails.

Oh my.



July 5, 2014


Shalo  P

Econo Jam Records

2519 Telegraph Ave, 
Oakland, California 94612

July 4th, 2014 6PM reception

(with a special performance by TEENAGE CHAIN)
on view until July 31st, 2014

June 26, 2014


interviewer 1: do you believe in god?
toby dammit: (turns and calmly shakes his head in exasperation) no… 
interviewer 2: and in the devil?
toby dammit: yes. in the devil, yes.
interviewer 2: oh how exciting! have you seen him?
toby dammit: yes, i’ve seen him.
interviewer 2: what does he look like? a black cat, or a ghost or a bat?
toby dammit: oh no, i’m english not, uh, catholic. to me the devil is cheerful; agile… he looks like a little girl. (bows his head)



volume three 
volume four
volume five

(the infinity gauntlet of contemporary funnies)

(duotone risograph ssspirittt of ecstasy edition)
(also representing VALLEY vol II)
(technically, our first issue)
(a summer sweetheart book)
(American edition)