October 30, 2015


Hi Pals,

We've had "fawlty" internet in the workshop of late, AND constant work - this passion is prison
(it would be laughable if it weren't so charmingly insistent).
We've faced some pesky delays in getting out word out, with this pesky interface being what it is these days...
we've resorted to just telling you straight up.
New Horizons (on the horizon, and a  V A L L E Y  perched on the edge of the abyss)! 
YEP, we're steadily heading down those kind dusty slopes on blood red horses frothing hell's flame from open maw. I could've been the fifth horseman, indeed - I'd have dubbed myself "Psyche!". 
But then again it may be misleading, since I do believe the phrase goes "it's all uphill from here".

V A L L E Y  sees its return to the gallery space after four years or so, boiling over in its stygian flood of forms, with its latest shape to be presented on October 17, with glorious spectacle and stirring swirling cleverness(es). 
If you'd like to help out in anyway, or wish to know more about it; I can take you there, but I might not be able to tell it to you completely - it's a mystery (am I misspelling misery?). 
The boss has been cooped up in his office for months now it seems.
We'll be rolling out more news, once the interns are trained.
We do our best to avoid the foul smell coming from the backroom.
Maybe he's dead.
Well, we could just scoop that mother out clean, and fill his soft thorax with icecream and just have ourselves a social with all the secretaries on hand. 
How's that for a  V A L L E Y ?

Well, what I CAN say is that it's our first exhibition involving a theme that cannot merely be encapsulated by just saying "with emphasis placed upon the overlapping of voids". This time our subject is Lust, if only tangentially at the point its reached now. Aw, it's actually about ______.

Here's something that just hit my desk a moment ago:


Please state that this time it may actually be Lust Deferred or Dreams Defrayed.
Also, who's been using my T-square? I desperately need that lil' mother.
Nothing wacks ass like primed wood.
I'll accept any available extension cords in its place, to make do in its stead with a cat-of-nine-tails to awe the internet age.
Hell Prevails,

We hope to see you soon. Tell your friends and those you love.
Tell you enemies that you'll be basked in a bash of brash rhythms 'til kingdom crumble, amid the humble ruins of a prisoner's passion (yes, I was told to write that too). If the knaves laugh, give 'em a smile on a subtle.

You are invited.
We love you and thank you again for all your support and love,

"Stay Savage" - KMK

yours truly, and anxiously - frothfully, even,

Dordery Marks
San Francisco, California.

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